What is Maritime Law?

Maritime cases are different than normal accident cases because they involve maritime law or they involve a cruise ship contract. You have less time to see what is the basic starting point that’s very important to know. You can have a slip and fall or trip and fall or a boating accident. But if the … Continue reading “What is Maritime Law?”

Product Liability

For my entire career I’ve been involved with products liability cases. I’ve been practicing for over 25 years, for 10 years I was a defense lawyer, I defended product liability claims. Now for the last 15 years I’ve only represented the little guy people just like you. I’ve been involved with products liability cases involving … Continue reading “Product Liability”

Spinal Cord Injuries

I’ve been involved with handling spinal cord injury cases for about 25 years of practice. Unfortunately we get these kinds of claims in our practice, we’ve had cases involving high function spinal cord injury patients, we’ve had paraplegics, quadriplegics cases. These cases are entirely personal to me because I have friends and family been affected … Continue reading “Spinal Cord Injuries”

Brain Injuries.

Brain injury cases are unique. Unfortunately at Coffey McPharlin we get telephone calls from families too often, a loved one has suffered a brain injury in an accident and needs answers to their questions. We handle these cases entirely different from most other kinds of cases because as catastrophic injury, we engage a team of … Continue reading “Brain Injuries.”

What is Premises Liability?

A property owner has a duty to ensure its property is in a reasonably safe condition for all business patrons. This includes making reasonable inspections of its property to identify any dangerous conditions and rectify those dangers immediately, additionally a property owner must comply with all relevant building codes and ordinances for its premises. If … Continue reading “What is Premises Liability?”

Wrongful Death

You’ve lost a loved one, it’s painful, you’re in shock, you’re grieving and you’re just lost. A good attorney will take that weight off of your shoulders, will investigate, will build a case and we’ll see just compensation for the life of the loved one that you have lost and even compensation for funeral expenses. … Continue reading “Wrongful Death”

What is Pharmacy Malpractice?

Pharmacy malpractice can be several things. Being given the correct drug, but the wrong dosage, being given the wrong drug altogether or being given two or more drugs, which should not be taken together and which the pharmacist should have caught. It is vital, if you think you’ve been the victim of pharmacy malpractice to … Continue reading “What is Pharmacy Malpractice?”