Visions & Values

We founded Coffey McPharlin to help people just like you. People that have been involved in an accident who need direction. You’d answer some of the pressing questions they have. They’re frustrated, they don’t know where to turn to. Personal injury law is very complicated insurance companies design their defense of these claims to minimize … Continue reading “Visions & Values”

Opioid Abuse

Opioid abuse is a severe problem in America today. Here at Coffey McPharlin, we have brought successful claims against the big pharmacies of our country such as CVS, Target, and Walgreens. If you have a loved one or know somebody who has died of opioid abuse contact the Coffey McPharlin team today.

Acting in Good Faith

There’s an implied duty of good faith and fair dealing and every insurance policy. The insurance company has a duty to act in good faith to protect their insured. This duty includes tendering the policy limits on an insurance policy to the injured party when liability is clear and damages exceed the policy limits if … Continue reading “Acting in Good Faith”

Negligent Security

Negligent security cases involve, unfortunately, a person being injured due to a criminal attacker usually in a commercial property. Commercial property owners are responsible for having security guards, lighting and cameras to keep you safe when you use the property. Unfortunately, if property owner doesn’t have these measures in place, you can get injured or … Continue reading “Negligent Security”

Pedestrian Accidents

In 2017, the CDC stated that 5977 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, that’s about one death every 88 minutes. Here in South Florida the stats are even more terrifying. A car accident at 10 miles an hour may not seem like much but a pedestrian or bicyclist being hit by … Continue reading “Pedestrian Accidents”

Worker’s Compensation

So if you get hurt on the job, you may have a workers compensation claim. The important thing is that you notify your employer right away, you get into medical care because if you don’t do that, you’re probably going to be denied a claim. But oftentimes you can have two cases in one, so … Continue reading “Worker’s Compensation”