Keyless Ignition

People Have Died Due to Keyless Ignitions

If you have a loved one who has died or been injured due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Coffey McPharlin may be able to help!

The popular convenience feature on modern cars, keyless ignition or push button start, has been linked to numerous carbon monoxide poisonings including fatalities.

If you think you or a loved one has suffered because of carbon monoxide poisoning, call 954-289-6316 right now.

When Convenience Turns Deadly

Everyone loves keyless ignitions, right? You can leave your key in your pocket or purse, hop in the car and press the start button. Very convenient. But what happens when you get home, pull into your garage and step out with hands full? A briefcase, coffee cup or diaper bag tying up your hands. Sound familiar? Today’s engines particularly hybrids are so quiet you may not notice that the engine is still running. The carbon monoxide produced by your car will quickly fill the garage and begin seeping into your home.

Odorless and tasteless, Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. It induces strong sleepiness and then death.

The Keyless Ignition and Carbon Monoxide combination is so dangerous that even Congress is acting against this threat considering legislation through the “Protecting Americans from the Risks of Keyless Ignition Technology Act or the PARK IT Act”.

Please be aware of this deadly threat. Make sure your car is turned off when you step away. If you know someone who has been injured or killed because of keyless ignition and carbon monoxide, please call us. We are here to help you 954-289-6316.

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