PizzaFire Explosion in Plantation

A Closer Look at Our Approach: Insights from the PizzaFire Explosion Case

The PizzaFire explosion on July 6, 2019, presented complex challenges that required a detailed understanding of legal, regulatory, and safety protocols. Our team at Coffey McPharlin employed a comprehensive strategy that underscored our expertise in managing such critical incidents. Here’s a deeper dive into our approach, reflecting our firm’s dedication to excellence in legal practice:

Dashcam video of the explosion.

Unpacking the Complexity of the Case

  • Systemic Investigation: Our meticulous investigation into the PizzaFire explosion revealed critical insights into the systemic failures leading up to the event. Notably, the incident was traced back to issues such as an uncapped gas line—a preventable risk had proper safety measures have been in place.
  • Expert Witness Analysis: Leveraging the knowledge of expert witnesses, we delved into the technical aspects of natural gas management and safety protocols. This rigorous analysis provided a foundation for establishing negligence and advocating for our clients effectively.
  • Documentation and Depositions: Critical to our strategy was the collection of comprehensive documentation, including photographs taken before the explosion and depositions from key figures such as Raul Pineiro, a Commercial Kitchen Consultant, who highlighted the visible risks present days before the incident.

Explore our video overview detailing the PizzaFire explosion.

Advocating for Higher Safety Standards

  • Promoting Regulatory Compliance: The case brought to light the importance of adhering to both state and federal safety regulations. Our efforts emphasized the need for all entities to comply with these standards, preventing similar incidents in the future.
  • Training and Awareness: We identified a gap in safety awareness and training among property managers and staff involved in the operation of such facilities. Our advocacy extended to improving training protocols to include natural gas safety, emphasizing the significance of recognizing and mitigating potential hazards.

Setting a Precedent for Accountability

  • Legal Precedents and Non-Delegable Duties: The PizzaFire explosion case underscored the principle of non-delegable duties, holding property owners and gas companies directly responsible for ensuring safety. By focusing on these legal standards, Coffey McPharlin aimed to reinforce the accountability of all parties involved in property management and utilities provision.
  • Joint and Several Liability: Our approach also addressed the concept of joint and several liabilities, highlighting the shared responsibility of multiple parties in contributing to the conditions that led to the explosion. This legal principle played a crucial role in securing fair compensation for the victims.

A Commitment Beyond the Courtroom

The PizzaFire explosion case showcases Coffey McPharlin’s commitment beyond legal triumphs to making a meaningful societal difference—pushing for systemic safety improvements to avert future calamities. Our role in this scenario mirrors our wider aim to uphold justice, assist our clients during difficult periods, and foster a safer environment for everyone.

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How to Know if You Have a Case

Investigations have shown that the explosion was caused by an improperly managed gas line at the PizzaFire restaurant which had been closed for weeks prior. Over 23 people were known to be injured at the scene. We believe others ignored minor injuries at the time and may be suffering greater impacts now. You should not suffer in silence any longer.

Several parties are at fault here and responsible for your injuries. We won’t let them point fingers or pass the buck. Our experienced trial team combined with our own forensic experts will bring you the justice you deserve.

If you were in the area of the explosion at the time, and have experienced or now suffer from any of the following conditions, please call our office immediately at 954-289-6316.

These all may be signs of injuries from the blast:

  • Headaches
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Neck, back or joint pain
  • Blurry vision
  • Unexplained confusion or fatigue

The concussive force of the blast extended for blocks. You did not have to be onsite to have suffered injuries and be eligible for fair compensation.

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