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Over the last few years, many popular drugs have caused serious medical issues. Many of these drugs have been recalled because of how dangerous they were, and others are still available despite their well-known horrible effects.

If you have developed health issues related to a prescription or over-the-counter drug, we think you may have a case.

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Nexium, prevacid, prilosec, proton pump inhibitors

When people complain about suffering from a debilitating health condition the first to respond are drug companies hoping to reap revenue from people’s discomforts. There are a number of drugs marketed today which relieve the symptoms of chronic heartburn and esophageal reflux disease. Releasing a drug that is marketed to alleviate or prevent heartburn and esophageal reflux disease sparks a lot of attention as thousands of people are looking for that magic cure. Drug companies aren’t as transparent as you think they should be and time and time again they market products that once used don’t match up to expectations.

Fraudulent advertising has been suggested for this latest group of drugs which are typically concealing the risk of kidney failure and disease. They have been highlighted for use as daily medication solutions for both chronic heartburn and GERD. However, if you happen to read the small print, which many of us don’t, on the packet’s label, it states that the drugs may only be taken for up to 14 days at a time and only 3 times each year. If you exceed this suggested time frame then your chance of your kidneys failing is increased. These drugs come under the names of Prevacid twenty four-hour, Prilosec, Prevacid, Prilosec OTC, Aciphex, Protonix and Nexium. Because of the poorly advertised side-effects people who suffer from any of them are suing the companies responsible for advertising the features of the drugs.

Cancer drug Taxotere leads to hair loss

Everyone worries about losing their hair when it comes to cancer treatment. There are many drugs such as Taxotere which as a one of the many drugs that treat breast cancer does not do a better job than any other cancer drug but it is still available for use. Taxotere brings about permanent loss of hair in some patients while similar drugs only cause hair loss that’s temporary. There isn’t any medical reason why a patient should ever be subjected to the risk of losing their hair permanently. This drug is still on the market because of misleading marketing so victims are now filing lawsuits against the company.

InvokanaI, Xigduo XR, Farxiga, invokana are all diabetes drugs linked to amputations and kidney failure

These drugs are a treatment for diabetes Type 2 and are known to cause serious injuries to the kidney and also elevate the risk of getting ketoacidosis as well as the chance of causing limb amputations. These drugs have been fraudulently marketed because their dangers have been concealed while any promised benefits haven’t been realised. This has brought about an increase in injuries for those patients taking the drugs which has given rise to more lawsuits.


Women who took the drug Zofran while pregnant could have resulted in their children being born with a birth defects like cleft palate or a heart defect. If you have been a victim of the adverse effects of this drug contact an attorney near you and ask that s/he prepares a damages claim on your behalf.

Xarelto, Eliquis and Pradaxa are blood thinners known to cause injuries

Coumadin and warfarin are commonly used blood thinners while Xarelto, Eliquis and Pradaxa have been marketed as a substitute without the patient having to go through blood testing first. However, in the when blood testing has been absent, users of Zareleto and Pradaxa have been injured caused by serious bleeding which have sometimes lead to damage to the brain and even death.

Androgel could cause heart attacks

You would not expect to double or even triple your chances of having a heart attack when taking AndroGel, as it is a prescribed drug used to treat low testosterone levels. The name used on television advertising is “low T.” The results from medical studies released recently have discovered that AndroGel could double or even triple the possibility of victims getting heart attacks.

Axiron has many serious side-effects

Axiron is another testosterone replacement drug which can cause a dramatic increase in heart attacks. It has also been linked to swelling of feet, ankles and body as well as painful and enlarged breasts, difficulties breathing while asleep, and a blood clot forming in the legs, which could cause swelling, pain or red appearance to the legs.


Risperdal is used as a treatment for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and bouts of bad temper linked to autism. Johnson and Johnson were responsible for not warning patients and doctors that Risperdal could cause gynecomastia. This is the development in males of female like breasts which can cause embarrassing situations for young people who are teased frequently by their peers.

Oxycodone and OxyContin

These drugs are prescribed painkillers which are used for high to moderate pain relief for injuries and other conditions such as pain in the lower back, dislocations, bursitis, arthritis, fractures and neuralgia. These drugs have turned out to be extremely addictive. The drug manufacturer campaigned for years to persuade physicians that they were not giving sufficient doses of the drug to their customers and that there was no significant problem with addiction. As a result of this misinformation many physicians prescribed more and more Oxycodone and OxyContin. This turned into an addictive epidemic that was fed by the opening of what were called pill mills which raked in profits from the addiction. When these were finally closed down addicts turned to substitutes like heroin. This has turned out to be the most serious example showing how the pharmaceutical industry markets a product where profits were put before patients’ safety.


This is a drug which is pioglitazone-based and is commonly used for treating patients who have diabetes Type 2. From 2008 to 2009 it had 60 percent of the market share but there is strong evidence linking its use with hundreds of bladder cancer cases. Many lawsuits have been settled with the manufacturing company for not warning people of the dangers of taking the drug.


The companies responsible for producing and marketing Topamax could be liable for damages as some children when born were found to have birth defects caused by their mother taking Topamax while pregnant

Zyprexa caused obesity and diabetes

This is an anti-psychotic medication that works by altering the way chemicals act within the brain. It is frequently used to treat symptoms of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It was specifically marketed to adolescents and children off label. These victims as a result of taking the medication gained huge amounts of weight and suffered from diabetes.

Ortho-Evra® the birth control patch proven to be deadly

Ortho-Evra® is a patch that was used for birth control which resulted in both deaths and injuries from its use. Litigation against the manufacturers have now mostly been settled.

Viox caused more strokes and heart attacks

This is a prescription medication that was marketed aggressively from 1999 to treat sharp pain and arthritis. Those who used Viox exposed themselves to severe injury or even death as it increased significantly the risk of both heart attacks and stroke. The drug was eventually removed from the market and lawsuits that were filed have mostly been settled.

Redux, Fen-Phen and Pondimin

The drug litigation involving these drugs is a clear example of a class action coordinated with multi-district litigation. Most of them have now been settled but it is possible that further incidents of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) could occur several years after using the drugs. PAH is incurable and could require the need for a lung or heart transplant and may even cause death.

Ephedra Alkaloid can cause strokes and high blood pressure

Ephedra alkaloids in Chinese medicine is called ma huang and it is found in approximately two hundred dietary supplements. Despite being a natural supplement it can encourage the onset of a stroke or high blood pressure.


Baycol® was manufactured by Bayer and marketed as a drug to manage cholesterol but it led to the kidney injury rhabdomyolysis. It has now been taken off the market. Any lawsuits have now been successfully settled.


The injuries that Bextra has caused have been due to heart attacks.


Celebrex has caused injury and death and has been linked to a higher chance of having a heart attack.


Rezulin was manufactured by Parke-Davis, a part of Warner-Lambert, which is now Pfizer, Inc. This was manufactured to treat diabetes but it caused the kidneys to fail. The lawsuits have now all been settled.

Defective drugs class actions

When several patients have the misfortune to suffer the adverse effects of just one drug attorneys may help the victims with a class action lawsuit or individual cases may be brought together in a national multi-district litigation. Victims who have experienced the adverse effects of a defective drug may think that all lawsuits are class actions filed against the pharmaceutical companies. This may be the case with some lawsuits but many are individual lawsuits.

Why you must file a lawsuit?

When you have been harmed by taking a drug that you think should improve your health you will at least want compensation for the financial hardship caused by the defective drug. The only way you can get compensation is to file a lawsuit against the company that produced the drug which caused your injury. Also filing a lawsuit against a drug company can hold it accountable for its wrongdoing while at the same time it will have to provide compensation for you the victim.

Ask an attorney to help you file a lawsuit.

Every year more and more drugs are added to the defective drugs list. If you have taken any of these drugs or they have been prescribed to you, you may be able to file a lawsuit. It is far easier to win a favourable settlement if you ask an attorney to work on your behalf to get the settlement you deserve.

If you have developed health issues related to a prescription or over-the-counter drug, we think you may have a case.

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