Valujet Flight 592 Miami, FL

Flight 592 departed Miami International Airport (MIA) on May 11, 1996 bound for Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport on its routine flight. It was a Sunday afternoon. The airplane was a 27-year-old McDonnell Douglas DC-9 aircraft operated by a discount carrier known at the time as Valujet. Flight 592 pushed back from gate G2 in Miami … Continue reading “Valujet Flight 592 Miami, FL”

Chalks Flight 101 Miami, FL

On December 19, 2005, a Grumman Turbo Mallard (G-73T) amphibious airplane, N2969, crashed into a shipping channel adjacent to the Port of Miami, Florida shortly after takeoff from the Miami Seaplane Base. Flight 101 was a regularly scheduled passenger flight to Bimini, Bahamas with 2 flight crew members and 18 passengers on board. The airplane’s … Continue reading “Chalks Flight 101 Miami, FL”

Comair 3272 Monroe, MI

Comair On January 9, 1997, an Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica, S/A EMB-120RT, N265CA, operated by COMAIR Airlines, Inc., as flight 3272, crashed during a rapid descent after an uncommanded roll excursion near Monroe, Michigan. Flight 3272 was being operated under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135 as a scheduled, domestic … Continue reading “Comair 3272 Monroe, MI”

Sunrise Man Loses Sense of Smell after Taking Cold Medicine, Suit Alleges

By Rafael A. Olmeda | South Florida Sun Sentinel 7:17 PM EDT, June 22, 2009  SUNRISE – There are serious consequences to losing your sense of smell, but those aren’t the things Frederick Schaffer really misses. He misses the smell outside Cinnabon when he’s walking through the mall. And a really good cup of coffee. And … Continue reading “Sunrise Man Loses Sense of Smell after Taking Cold Medicine, Suit Alleges”

Negligent Maintenance – $385,000 GROSS VERDICT

Premises Liability – Negligent Maintenance – Negligent closure of handicapped restroom stalls – Fall down – Femur fracture – Internal fixation – 20% comparative negligence found.  Broward County, FL The plaintiff alleged that the defendant condominium association created a dangerous condition by negligently blocking access to the handicapped bathroom stalls on its premises. As a … Continue reading “Negligent Maintenance – $385,000 GROSS VERDICT”