hip replacement

If you have experienced issues due to a hip replacement, Coffey McPharlin may be able to help!

Over the last few years, many devices used in hip replacements have caused serious medical issues. Many of these devices have been recalled because of how dangerous they were.

If you have developed health issues related to a hip replacement, or have needed surgery to repair damage from a hip replacement, we think you may have a case.

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Stryker LFIT V40 femoral heads

Recalls of hip replacement devices happen far too often in the country and there is just another recall taking place at the moment, involving Stryker LFIT V40 femoral heads. There is currently multidistrict litigation in the United States District Court in Massachusetts involving defective femoral heads of Stryker LFIT V40. This recall is related to defects with both the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular Neck Stem and its ABG II Modular Neck Stem. Patients who have had these devices fitted are now experiencing both pain and swelling.

DJO-Orthopedics Encore metal/metal hip implant malfunctions

This metal/metal design feature of the Encore hip that DJO Orthopedics manufactured has lead to the failure of the implant from metallosis. Revision surgery is required to replace these implants.

Johnson & Johnson DePuy ASR artificial hip implants and Pinnacle metal on metal implants

The recall of these devices is due to the reporting of adverse events in 30% of the devices. It has been found that the metal/metal design feature of these implants brings about metallosis, a type of metal poisoning that results in the implants failing. So far, DePuy has paid out settlements to plaintiffs worth millions of dollars. The Pinnacle metal/metal implant is facing similar failures, but at an even higher rate. Patients experiencing these failures have had to get them completely removed and then replaced.

Recall of Smith and Nephew hip replacement implants

In 2012, the Smith and Nephew hip implant R3 was recalled. It has a metal liner inside the acetabular cup which fits up against a metal ball. This type of hip implant resembles the design of both the DePuy ASR and the Zimmer Durom Cup which also have both been recalled. They all share a metal/metal articulation. This R3 is closely related to the DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet, that is a metal liner in an acetabular cup

Profemur hip implants

Wright Medical Technology is known for its reputation for the sudden malfunctioning of the stems of its profemur hip implants which are made from either chromium cobalt or titanium. It means the victim, who goes through an unexpected breakage of a device, needs to attend an emergency room for immediate treatment and the replacing of the hip device. Wright has experienced numerous failures with the titanium and later on the stems made from chromium cobalt alloys.

Recalls of Stryke Zimmer Durom hip implants

This Zimmer hip frequently has been in the firing line of complaints from both patients and surgeons who highlighted a design flaw resulting in the need for patients to go through revision surgery to the hip. The key problem discovered with the Zimmer Durom was as a result of the cup failing to bond well with pelvic bones so the cups became loose. Because this hip implant was metal/metal it succumbed to metallosis like others made of the same material.

Recalls of Stryker Trident hip implants

The Stryker Corporation announced a short-term recall of the Trident PSL and the Trident acetabular hemispherical cups used in surgery for hip replacements. The recall occurred a week later following the US FDA dispatch of a letter describing the defects that took place in the manufacturing process at its Mahwah plant in New Jersey.

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