Rules of the Road

We all know what it means to drive as a reasonably safe driver. To drive the speed limit, stop at stop signs and red lights, not to cut off other drivers, not to text and drive, it can wait. Not every case is a simple rear-ender when someone fails to abide by the rules of … Continue reading “Rules of the Road”

Resort Accidents

Florida is a resort destination, we have more amusement parks, beaches, parks, and places to go on vacation than just about anywhere else in our entire country. People come from all across the country to vacation in Florida. Unfortunately a number of these people get injured and when they do they go home and they … Continue reading “Resort Accidents”

Construction Accidents

Here in South Florida, it seems like there’s a construction project on every single street, around every single corner. Either it’s a new house going up or it’s a high-rise going up in a downtown area. Unfortunately in a lot of these job sites accidents occur because people are not following safety rules. These cases … Continue reading “Construction Accidents”

Meet Sean Goldstein

Hi, my name is Sean Goldstein, I’m an attorney here at Coffey McPharlin. My passion is helping people who have been devastated by an accident through no fault of their own. My local passion is working with the boys and girls club and I’ve got my entire family involved in supporting their activities. Here at … Continue reading “Meet Sean Goldstein”