Coffey McPharlin Secures Justice in Landmark Bad Faith Trucking Accident Settlement

Coffey McPharlin secures a $1.8 million settlement in a landmark bad faith case against an insurer for a client injured in a trucking accident on I95, overcoming false accusations and insurer resistance.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – In a significant legal victory resulting from a tragic incident that occurred over four years ago, Coffey McPharlin has successfully settled a high-profile trucking accident case on behalf of a grievously injured client. The settlement concludes a long-standing battle involving a bad faith claim against a major insurer, highlighting the firm’s commitment to justice and client advocacy.

The case centered on a severe accident on I-95, where a speeding trucker lost control in adverse weather conditions and collided with the client’s already damaged vehicle. Initially, the trucker falsely accused the victim of causing the accident, a claim subsequently refuted through diligent investigation by Coffey McPharlin. The firm’s breakthrough came from uncovering crucial 911 call records proving the client’s non-involvement in the causation of the crash.

Despite an early offer to settle for the policy limits of $1 million to avoid litigation, the insurer initially denied the claim by wrongly attributing fault to the victim. Sam Coffey, Todd McPharlin, and the Coffey McPharlin team’s persistence finally swayed the insurer, to pay $1.8 million representing $800,000 above the insurance policy limit due to what we perceive as the insurance company’s bad faith failure to accept the settlement offer in a timely manner. The firm’s tenacious advocacy ensured eventual compliance from the insurer, securing the much-needed compensation for their client.

Sam Coffey of Coffey McPharlin stated: “This case underscores the critical importance of the relentless pursuit of truth and justice for our clients. Despite the myriad challenges, including misdirected fault and initial claim denial, we remained steadfast. This settlement not only represents a financial win for our client but also a moral victory against the injustices often encountered by victims in similar circumstances. We are Good Lawyers Helping People.” 

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