TK v. Night Club

Confidential Settlement, gunshot, jaw fracture, negligent security. TK was used as a “human shield” by a nightclub promoter when a patron wielding a handgun leveled it at the promoter and fired. TK is a female of average build and the promoter is a male 6’5” tall who in a cowardly act pulled TK in front … Continue reading “TK v. Night Club”

Blanca M. v. Landlord

Premises liability, ankle fracture, open reduction open fixation with hardware, settlement $200,000, Hialeah, Florida Blanca M. Slipped and fell due to water leak in apartment that she rented in Hialeah, Florida sustaining a serious ankle fracture requiring surgery. She had to undergo a open reduction and internal fixation with hardware on her ankle. This was … Continue reading “Blanca M. v. Landlord”

Rochelle L. v. Restaurant

Settlement $92,500.00, torn meniscus, knee injury, premises liability, Delray Beach, Florida Rochelle L. was injured at a restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida when she tripped over a large metal object in the floor of a crowded bar room. The bar was a converted garage and the base of a hydraulic jack for … Continue reading “Rochelle L. v. Restaurant”

Dirty Little Insurance Secrets that You Won’t Learn from a Talking Lizard.

If you are ever the victim of someone else’s negligence, there are a few hidden surprises waiting for you from your friendly neighborhood insurance company. Let’s use an automobile collision as an example. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits Regardless of who was at fault, your own auto insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits are the … Continue reading “Dirty Little Insurance Secrets that You Won’t Learn from a Talking Lizard.”