Broward Lawyer Clinches $3M Settlement Despite a Hold on Civil Trials

After client Sharon Frost was rushed to the emergency room and eventually required surgery, Coffey McPharlin managing partner Samuel A. Coffey knew he could show the extent of the former U.S. Postal service carrier’s injuries to secure the best litigation outcome for her. Then the Fort Lauderdale also lawyer worked to prove the defendants’ negligence—a strategy that yielded … Continue reading “Broward Lawyer Clinches $3M Settlement Despite a Hold on Civil Trials”

Spinal Cord Injuries

I’ve been involved with handling spinal cord injury cases for about 25 years of practice. Unfortunately we get these kinds of claims in our practice, we’ve had cases involving high function spinal cord injury patients, we’ve had paraplegics, quadriplegics cases. These cases are entirely personal to me because I have friends and family been affected … Continue reading “Spinal Cord Injuries”

Accounting for the Long-Term Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

Personal injury claims involving spinal cord injuries are often eligible for higher settlements because of their long-term effects. These injuries affect not only the person’s health, but also their finances and their mental wellbeing. These effects can even extend to family caretakers and will last the lifetime of the injured person. Long-term Effects of Spinal … Continue reading “Accounting for the Long-Term Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries”