Types of Loss: Sinkholes

Any type of property damage can result in devastating losses that take months and sometimes even years to repair.  These natural disasters can really occur at the worst possible times and interfere with one’s ability to live their life and/or run their business.  One less common type of loss that is less populated across the … Continue reading “Types of Loss: Sinkholes”

Types of Loss: Flood Damage

Floods are disasters that can occur without warning and can lead to complete devastation of structures and all physical property within that structure.  Floods can be life-threatening and result in tremendous stress.   Flood damage is defined as water that originates from the ground prior to entering and damaging the structure and the personal belongings … Continue reading “Types of Loss: Flood Damage”

Types of Loss: Hurricane Damage

Now, more than ever, hurricane damage is becoming an undesired reality among the residents of the United States.  With hurricane season just barely beginning, and already two Category 4 hurricanes directly hitting the U.S. there are millions of individuals who have suffered some type of loss directly related to the hurricane itself.  Hurricane Harvey swept … Continue reading “Types of Loss: Hurricane Damage”

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Any type of damage to one’s property, whether it be to their personal residential property or to their business, it can be devastating and quite expensive to rebuild those lost assets.  With insurance, the home owner or business owner has a false sense of security because some insurance companies will deny these claims when the … Continue reading “Water Damage Insurance Claims”

Commercial Insurance Claims

Being a business owner can be difficult in an of itself, and with the added stress of a catastrophic event can devastate even the most successful, profitable business.  When that catastrophic event occurs that causes the business to incur such a devastating loss, the goal of the business owner is to restore functionality as soon … Continue reading “Commercial Insurance Claims”