Type of Loss: Wind Property Damage

Property damage can be devastating no matter the natural disaster.  However, most homeowners and business owners, do not realize how damaging wind can actually be.  Wind can cause tornado like damage and uproot trees when the speeds become high enough.  The results can be devastating.  High winds can rip roofs off of homes and result in the walls collapsing.  Wind damage will result in devastation to the outside of the home as well as to the contents within the home.  Other common damages associated with high velocity winds include:  trees falling on the property, fences destroyed and leaking windows.  The insurance company may determine that the damage to your property caused by the wind does not meet your coverage as defined if your benefits.  Do not settle for this information.  Remember the insurance adjuster and the insurance agent work for the insurance company.  They are employees of the insurance company and have the insurances best interest in mind.  It is imperative for you to take charge and contact Coffey McPharlin to represent you in this matter.  We, here at Coffey McPharlin will fight for you, by contacting the insurance company and getting you the settlement you deserve to replace your losses incurred.

There is a term referred to as Gustnado.  A Gustnado is defined as gusts of wind that results in property damage.  This type of event is covered under homeowners or business owners insurance policies.  If there is additional water damage, it will not be covered unless it occurs as a direct result of the wind damage.  For example, if the wind rips the roof off of the home and then it begins to rain and the property inside the home is damaged then that could be covered by the wind policy because without the wind the rain would not have entered the home.  If rain enters the home in a manner other than directly related to the wind damage, then it will not be covered and can result in additional losses incurred.  

These policies can be complex, and the insurance companies can be difficult to deal with; therefore, it is in your best interest to contact Coffey McPharlin and hire an attorney that will directly fight for your settlement.  We will get you the settlement you deserve which will help you rebuild your life.

It is imperative to take pictures and videos of all your property after the wind damage so that you can provide irrefutable damage to the insurance company.  This will help to prove your case.  The insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to evaluate your property damage.  The insurance adjuster will provide you with an estimate of what they believe the losses to be; however, it is in your best interest to hire an independent adjuster to evaluate your property to gain a true estimation without bias.  

Natural disasters can be devastating and have long-lasting detrimental effects.  These times are stressful enough, without having to worry about being reimbursed by the insurance company you have been loyal to for years.  Insurance companies do not like to pay claims, so they will look for ways out of reimbursing you for your loss.  Therefore, it is up to you to make the decision to contact us here at Coffey McPharlin and allow us to help you reclaim your life by getting you the settlement you deserve.