Is Amazon Selling Dangerous Products?

While we anxiously await our Amazon deliveries, few of us are aware of the dangers that platforms like Amazon present.

Amazon is one of several websites facing multiple lawsuits regarding its responsibility in putting purchasers at risk. At the center of these cases is that Amazon and others do not sufficiently police products sold on their platforms. This is a distinct difference from online sales through “big box” stores, since their websites mimic what is in brick-and-mortar locations and, for the most part, are safe.

As these cases proceed, it is evident that innovations in the technology sector have outpaced legal liability issues associated with online purchasing.
At the crux of this situation is how Amazon views its platform. According to recent court cases, Amazon maintains it’s a facilitator of sales, much like an auctioneer or flea market and, therefore, not liable for poor performance or customer injury. Plaintiffs claim these platforms have a responsibility to police their products. Is Amazon like a virtual “big box” store, or simply a venue to display and offer products on behalf of millions of third-party sellers? Therein lies the dilemma.

At Coffey McPharlin, we are seeing a significant increase in cases related to products sold on Amazon that have resulted in injury, illness, and death. Consumers deserve protection and compensation for these losses.

Some of the cases we are seeing include:

  • Illegally imported prescription drugs, nutritional supplements laced with high levels of caffeine that can be deadly if ingested.
  • Drug paraphernalia.
  • Dangerous children’s toys that present choking hazards.
  • Faulty bicycle helmets that do not protect a rider adequately and have not been properly tested.
  • Un-registered pesticides.
  • Poorly made furniture and tools that can break and injure the user.
  • Faulty electrical equipment that can explode or catch fire.

If you or a loved one come across one of these situations, we would love the opportunity to help get justice.