Worker’s Compensation

So if you get hurt on the job, you may have a workers compensation claim. The important thing is that you notify your employer right away, you get into medical care because if you don’t do that, you’re probably going to be denied a claim. But oftentimes you can have two cases in one, so if you’re at work and you get hurt by a product or you’re driving a car for work and you get in a car accident, you may have a products liability case against the manufacturer of  the product may have or you a claim against the person driving that other car that caused the injury to you. So the most important thing, notify your employer right away if you have an accident and contact a lawyer that specializes in worker compensation as well as to see if you have a third party case that you can make a claim to get a greater recovery. At Coffey McPharlin we’re good lawyers helping people like you.

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