Carbon Monoxide and Keyless Ignitions

For the past 15 or 20 years the automobile manufacturers have been making cars with keyless ignitions, it’s a luxury we enjoy but this keyless go has become conveniently deadly. Unfortunately for the first ten years or so making these kinds of cars unless you push the stop button the car would not shut off until they completely consumed the tank of gas. People with their busy days, they’ll drive their car home and forget to turn off the ignition, put the car in the garage and close the door and the home can fill up with carbon monoxide and kill people. This is a public safety hazard that the manufacturers cars can fix through a simple software update where if the car is not occupied after 5 minutes it shuts itself off. Modern cars do this, they shut themselves off after five minutes if you don’t turn off the ignition when it’s not occupied, but for the first decade these cars are sitting in people’s driveways and they’ll keep on running until they’re out of a tank of gas. If you are someone that you know has been injured due to carbon monoxide contact us at Coffee Trial Law, we’re good lawyers helping people like you.