Spinal Cord Injuries

I’ve been involved with handling spinal cord injury cases for about 25 years of practice. Unfortunately we get these kinds of claims in our practice, we’ve had cases involving high function spinal cord injury patients, we’ve had paraplegics, quadriplegics cases. These cases are entirely personal to me because I have friends and family been affected by these kinds of injuries in the past. We put together a team of expert witnesses and lawyers to give these cases the kind of care that they deserve because it is personal. Families affected by this kind of injury deserve answers to their questions. We can work on getting you compensation but more importantly we can help you put together the plan to put your life back together through using neurological surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, neuropsychologist, life care planners, physical therapists, occupational therapists to get you back the piece your life that you’ve lost, bring back the dignity and respect. At Coffey McPharlin we’re good lawyers helping people like you.