Product Liability

For my entire career I’ve been involved with products liability cases. I’ve been practicing for over 25 years, for 10 years I was a defense lawyer, I defended product liability claims. Now for the last 15 years I’ve only represented the little guy people just like you. I’ve been involved with products liability cases involving dangerous drugs, climbing equipment, handheld equipment, that have caused catastrophic injuries to people. I understand how to prosecute these cases both from the defense side, how to defend them as well as on behalf of the little guy. What we do is we get together a team of expert witnesses, we reverse-engineer the product we test, we test, we test again, we look for their other accidents similar to yours involving the same product to prove your claim. 97% of product liability cases settle before you go to trial. The defense knows they win more these cases than they lose so you have to be prepared to go to war. If you have one of these kinds of cases. If you have a product liability accident, make sure you’re locating and speaking with a lawyer who focuses their practice on products liability and catastrophic injuries. At Coffey McPharlin we’re good lawyers helping people just like you.