Fraud & Financial Misconduct Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Fraud and Financial Misconduct are broad terms used to describe unfair or deceptive business practices, perpetrated by individuals or companies with the intent to obtain financial advantage at the expense of the victim. Fraud and financial misconduct can take many forms, including real-estate fraud, securities and financial fraud, and consumer fraud. While the methods may differ, the outcomes are similar.

It is often difficult to spot fraud; however, large financial losses, suspicious behavior, and vague or confusing contracts should spark your concern and prompt you to undertake a further investigation. It may be difficult, or nearly impossible, to detect fraud unless you consult with a professional who knows what types of suspicious activity to look for. Proving fraud, in a legal sense, can be even more difficult than spotting it, since you have to prove that there was intentional deception or misrepresentation.

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