Recovered Insurance Policy Limits

Coffey McPharlin recovered insurance policy limits for a driver that suffered a neck injury requiring anterior cervical discectomy and fusion due to a serious motor vehicle accident. JF, a 39-year-old female residing in Hollywood, Florida had a medical history that included prior neck surgery from a motor vehicle accident. She was re-injured in a subsequent motor vehicle accident and had to undergo additional surgical intervention in the form of a three level cervical fusion at Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

JF had retained the services of a different law firm before contacting Sam Coffey for help. The other law firm was unable to obtain an offer from the defendant’s insurer. JF became frustrated and needed help. Coffey McPharlin was willing to take on the case and quickly obtained a tender of all combined insurance policy limits for its client, JF.

Before Coffey McPharlin got involved JF had been suffering significant financial distress because of the slow pace at which her claim was moving with her prior attorney. She was unable to pay her monthly bills as school tuition. The money recovered by Coffey McPharlin enabled her to pay all of her medical bills and debts as well as tuition for school and put money in the bank for her future.

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