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A History of Rebuilding Lives

Much More than a Legal Case

Every case we win represents somebody’s life. Every victory is a victory for someone who has been wronged, often severely. Every settlement provides the means for a family to put their lives back together. Everything we do is to help the little guy.

So when people ask us if we love what we do, the answer is always a resounding YES. We love helping families put their children through college. We love helping individuals and couples have the financial comfort and freedom to keep living. While we never want to see anyone experience tragedy, we love being there to help put the pieces back together. So yeah, we love helping people. We’re good lawyers helping people.

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$4.7M Products Liability
$1.4M Motor Vehicle Accident
$4.7M Slip and Fall at a Nightclub
$3.4M Products Liability
$1.2M Wrongful Death
$1.9M Motor Vehicle Accident

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