Zantac (Ranitidine) Cancer Lawsuits

Heartburn is a common, but often uncomfortable complaint, which in some cases can be controlled by modifying the diet. It is caused when acid refluxes back through the esophagus brought on by the consumption of some types of food and drink and certain medications as well.  Because it is uncomfortable, pharmaceutical companies look for drug combinations that can alleviate the symptoms. However, recently a drug made available to heartburn sufferers called Zantac (ranitidine) has caused the onset of liver problems or bladder, stomach, and other types of cancer.

Zantac monitors acid level in the stomach

Zantac is known as an H2 blocker, which lowers the acid level in the stomach. In September of 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced to consumers and healthcare providers that recent laboratory tests found some of the ranitidine products were contaminated with a small amount of the N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which it is thought could heighten the risk of getting certain cancers. The FDA has since stated that the levels of NDMA are typically not acceptable.

No recall of Zantac by the FDA

Despite the alleged side-effects, the FDA hasn’t made a decision to recall Zantac from the United States market. However, concerns about Zantac’s safety has prompted a number of ranitidine manufacturers to issue recalls and even national pharmacy stores like Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS and Rite-Aid have withdrawn all products containing ranitidine.  France and Canada have recalled Zantac officially too. Sanofi followed suit and recalled all Zantac products that are most likely tainted with NDMA in mid October 2019.

Zantac cancer lawsuits

Many people, when they buy drugs over the counter or accept prescriptions from their physicians, do it believing there are no known health risks when taking the drugs. If a pharmaceutical company releases a drug knowing that there could be health risks associated with its use and it doesn’t inform its potential customers, anyone harmed by the drug may be entitled to file a lawsuit.

See your doctor today

If you are taking Zantac, don’t delay but go and see your doctor. If you have developed cancer while taking Zantac you should contact an attorney to discuss filing a lawsuit against the drug company responsible for making Zantac. You can’t sit around and wait too long as lawsuits are governed by statutes of limitations which means you are only given a limited time to file the claim. If you go over this time you lose your chance of winning a lawsuit which helps to cover the full medical treatment costs to treat the cancer you may have developed. There is also a pain and suffering component of any personal injury lawsuit where an amount is reached based on how much pain and suffering you have endured as a result of an injury that was not your fault.


What is NDMA?

This organic compound was used to make rocket fuel and it is known to initiate cancer in animals in research labs. NDMA is actually a waste product originating from industrial processes which include the production of pesticides and lubricants. It belongs to the N-nitrosamine family of powerful carcinogens. The odorless, yellowy colored liquid is used at minimal levels in a few products such as cured meats, water supplies and sometimes beer, which is supposed to be safe. However, because it is a toxic chemical, there are clear signs it damages at least the liver and even other organs.

When it is revealed that a product when released to the public has caused injury and there is evidence available to prove it, there is often a surge in lawsuits against the companies responsible for manufacturing and marketing the product. The way these large lawsuits are handled is by consolidating them in one state. This is called multi-district litigation (MDL).

All the lawsuits are heard by the same judge in one federal court. This isn’t the same as a class action lawsuit. A motion has been filed to have all Zantac lawsuits together in an MDL. This is presently awaiting a decision by United States District Court in the New Jersey district.Up to this date there haven’t been any verdicts or settlements concerning Zantac injuries.

What is a plaintiff entitled to recover in a Zantac lawsuit?

If you, or one of your family, have been prescribed Zantac or ranitidine and as a result developed bladder or stomach cancer you shouldn’t delay contacting a defective drug attorneys at Coffey McPharlin. If you arrange a free consultation you can discuss your case and a decision can be made whether you are eligible for compensation. If you win a favorable settlement you will compensated with the full cost of your medical treatment for theillness caused by Zantac. On top of that you should get any loss of income paid from the date you first had to take time off work until you can go back to work. There is other compensation available for pain and suffering and loss of quality of life due to the injury.

Have there been any Zantac cancer lawsuits?

So far no settlements have been won for any Zantac cancer lawsuit. If you or a family member has developed cancer and you were taking Zantac, you should discuss this with a lawyer as soon as possible so a lawsuit can be prepared on your behalf.

What is the statute of limitations for a lawsuit related to Zantac use which caused cancer?

Each state has a time limit set for filing a personal injury or product liability lawsuit which varies between 2 and 3 years. If you don’t file your claim within the statute of limitation set in your state you will lose your chance of winning a settlement. That is why it’s a good idea to contact a lawyer at Coffey McPharlin who will start the work needed to file a lawsuit.At Coffey McPharlin we can take on personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits related to defective drug injury claim caused by taking Zantac. We don’t expect you to pay any legal fees upfront and you only pay once we have won a favorable settlement on your behalf. If we are unsuccessful you won’t owe us anything as we cover our legal costs.