Truck Accident Lawyer Settlement

Truck Accident Lawyer Settlement – Forklift accident, spinal cord injury, herniated disk, epidural steroid injections, $575,000.00 settlement

Ted S. is a truck driver for the Broward County School Board that on the day of his accident was operating a forklift to reload a rejected order of bleach bottles on pallets receive from a distributor in Miami, Florida. The truck driver that made the delivery was upset because the order was rejected and he actually drove the tractor-trailer away from the loading dock as Ted drove his forklift out of the truck back onto the loading dock causing a very serious accident.

Ted crashed to the ground on the forklift and hurt his back. He lost a year from work out on Worker’s Compensation leave and had to undergo a series of epidural steroid injections for a herniated disk in his lumbar spine. Ted remains a candidate for future lumbar spine surgery and Ted can no longer perform the job that you did before the accident. His lifting restrictions limit him to light duty and medium duty work. As result of this accident Ted lost the opportunity to be a foreman in the warehouse and lost his union status.

Ted contacted Sam Coffey, a truck accident lawyer, seeking legal advice because he knew that he needed n experienced truck accident lawyer on his side. Before lawsuit filed Ted was reasonable I was willing to resolve this case with the insurer for the trucking company for the amount of money that is Worker’s Compensation carrier wanted to be reimbursed plus a reasonable some to compensate him for his injuries. The trucking company and their insurer ignored Ted’s claim. Sam coffey filed a lawsuit and recovered well in excess of the amount that Ted was willing to settle for in his demand to the insurer before the lawsuit was filed. Ted used the money to pay back his medical bills and secure his future.

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