Study Finds 14 Accidents Related to Pokémon GO Use While Driving

Pokémon GO, the new virtual reality game that has swept the globe, is so tempting for some people that they play it while driving or while crossing the street. Not surprisingly, distraction related to the game has caused accidents.

A Recent Study Links Pokémon GO to Distracted Driving

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine took a sample of all tweets by drivers from July 10-19, 2016. The samples taken were tweets that contained the words “Pokémon,” “drive,” “driving,” “drives,” or “car.”

Using these words, the study intended to identify when drivers, passengers, or pedestrians were playing the game while on the road. The study found that 33 percent of the tweets analyzed over the 10-day period indicated that a driver, passenger, or pedestrian was distracted. Extrapolating that to the general population, the researchers estimated that there were 114,000 instances reported on Twitter during that 10-day period.

Here are just a few examples of tweets the researchers uncovered:

  • “A normal drive home = 5 min. Stopping every block to catch Pokémon GO = 20 min.”
  • “Spent the drive back with my bros phone in one hand and my phone in the other, him yelling for me to catch Pokémon for him.”
  • “Just had my first experience with a kid walking in front of my car while absorbed in playing Pokémon GO.”

The researchers also evaluated Google News stories from July 10-20, 2016, looking for reports of accidents related to Pokémon GO. They found 14 car accidents were related to the game over the course of 11 days.

What to Do If You Are In an Accident Related to Pokémon GO

The dangers of being distracted while behind the wheel of a car are well-documented. All drivers should avoid distractions and drive defensively. But avoiding an accident caused by a distracted driver can be nearly impossible in some cases.

If you are hit by a negligent driver, secure legal representation to ensure that driver’s mistake does not leave you lost and without compensation for your expenses and losses.

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