The Social Responsibilities of Driving

What most drivers fail to comprehend is the fact that driving is a highly social function. Without realizing it, drivers rely on one another to follow traffic rules, make safe decisions, and properly communicate their planned course of action.

Those who operate a vehicle are not only responsible for themselves and their passengers, but those with whom they share the road as well. It is important to recognize dangerous behaviors in driving, in others as well as yourself, and to take responsibility for and precautions against such behavior.

Driving Is a Right

Texting and Driving SignIt is worthy to note that driving is not a rightbut a privilege. It requires skill to operate a motor vehicle, and takes training, as well as a learned way of thinking, to properly time actions and judge road and traffic conditions. Good driving also requires courtesy on the road. Proper courtesy, in turn, requires that drivers give their full attention to their surroundings, guard against distraction, and demonstrate “due care” in their decision-making. It is key to remember that while you are not responsible for the behavior of others, you are responsible for your own decisions and actions.

In addition, it is critical that drivers have patience. Often, drivers are scrambling to and from work, school, social and personal events, etc. Also adding to the rush are increased numbers of vehicles on the roads. These factors and more make it very difficult to maintain patience when on the road, but a simple solution is to give yourself more time to get to and from places. Planning to leave early can help you to keep yourself as well as fellow drivers safe.

Lastly, it is key to remember that engineers and lawmakers have designed and planned out roadways and traffic laws to benefit the driver and keep people as safe as possible. However, it is the responsibility of the drivers to properly use what they have been given to make safe decisions and use good judgement in their decision making and actions. Sadly, accidents still happen, even to the most careful of drivers.