Top 5 Reasons to Choose Coffey McPharlin

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers

When you are injured in an accident that is no fault of your own, you need legal representation. Here are the Top 5 Reasons you should call Sam Coffey:

  1. One call to Sam Coffey and we’ll handle the rest. We focus on handling your case and fighting for your best interests so you can focus on getting better.
  2. The Insurance Research Council reported that auto accident victims who had a lawyer, on average, received 3 ½ times more money than if they went it alone.
  3. Coffey McPharlin is dedicated to protecting your rights.
  4. Coffey McPharlin does not settle for less.  We can make the difference between a small settlement and a substantial jury award.
  5. Our mission is to deliver justice to you by recovering every penny that you truly deserve. You don’t pay us even a penny if we do not win money for you and your family.

Experience makes all the difference.  If you need help or just have a question we invite you to contact us today for a free initial consultation.  You can take comfort in the fact that everything that you tell us will remain completely confidential and if we accept your case you will never pay us even a penny unless we win money for you from a jury verdict or a settlement.  You can contact us 24/7/365.  We are available to meet with you anytime and anywhere.