Workplace Injuries

Injuries that occur on the job are common occurrences and most are minor, but some result in severe injuries that leave you unable to work. Overexertion, transportation accidents, poorly maintained equipment and repetitive motion are all cause of workplace injuries. Workplace injuries are often the result of failure to provide proper training to employees, faulty equipment, or negligence by employers who fail to follow safety standards set forth by OSHA.

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Your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in order to help you with medical expenses and lost wages, regardless of the cause. By Florida law, you will need to see a doctor chosen by the insurance company that insures your employer.

Many of these physicians are under contract to the insurance company and will choose the most inexpensive treatment option, but that may not always be the best for you. In some cases, insurance companies refuse to pay for surgeries that their own doctors have recommended.

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Causes of workplace injuries

  • – Overexertion and lifting heavy objects
  • – Transportation accidents
  • – Being struck by equipment
  • – Poor lighting
  • – Repetitive motion
  • – Dehydration
  • – Hazardous materials
  • – Faulty equipment
  • – Falling objects
  • – Tripping