Paralysis Claims

Paralysis, whether complete or incomplete, is catastrophic, and will change your life and those of your loved ones forever. It often leaves the victim in debilitating pain, and in need of a lifetime of expensive medical care including physical therapy and mobility assistance.Caring for a loved one who is paralyzed can be mentally exhausting, especially when facing a permanent loss of income.

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Paralysis is usually the result of a sudden traumatic injury to the spine that is usually permanent because cells in the spinal cord do not regenerate if they are damaged.If the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence you’ll need an experienced, dedicated legal team by your side to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you will need to cover all future expenses loss of income and pain and suffering.

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Experience matters. The attorneys at Coffey McPharlin, have successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients involved in motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, construction accidents, falls, medical malpractice injuries, or sports injuries that leave you or a loved one paralyzed. We will fight to ensure you get a fair settlement.