Insurance Bad Faith

In the United States the courts recognize that the role of insurers, is to deal fairly with all claims, due to their expressed or implied promise to the people they insure. If the insurance company violates this covenant, the policy holder may sue the company on a tort claim in addition to the standard breach of contract claim for acting in bad faith.

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When damaged property is covered by an insurance policy, the insurance company is required to investigate the damage, determine if it is covered under the policy, and pay the proper value of the damaged property. In the event the policy holder carries liability insurance, the insurance company has a duty to defend a claim and cover all defense costs regardless of the actual limit of the policy.

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Bad faith can include improperly refusing to defend a lawsuit, an undue delay in handling a claim, and the inadequate investigation of a claim regardless of the policy limits. A tort claim allows the plaintiff to recover an amount larger than the original face value of the policy.

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