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Hard-working people just like you are injured in Industrial accidents every day. Amazingly, over 1,000 people die annually – due to Industrial accidents – in the United States alone. Thousands more are injured each year from Industrial accidents.

In South Florida and across the United States, industrial accident injuries are usually due to the negligence, failure to follow safety standards set forth by OSHA, and failure to provide proper training to employees that results in an industrial accident.

Whether an injury occurs at one of our seaports, airports, chemical plants, power plants,or dredging operations, you are not alone if you are the victim of an industrial accident. Call Coffey McPharlin. Let us get justice for you.

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Practice – Industrial Injury and Accident Claims in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Experience matters, and the attorneys at Coffey McPharlin have successfully recovered millions of dollars for those of our clients who have been involved with industrial accidents. Each case is unique, and our knowledge and experience in working with labor laws, OSHA regulations, as well as local law-enforcement, and our understanding of many of the South Florida industrial operations are all just a few of the reasons to hire the attorneys at Coffey McPharlin. We take on complex industrial accident cases, and you will not pay us a penny unless we win a recovery for you in your industrial accident case. This is because we work on a contingency fee basis. This is our guarantee to you: Be confident that we will develop a roadmap so that you will understand how the process works in order to obtain the maximum financial recovery for your industrial injury accident. Below are summaries of some of the most common types of industrial accident cases that we are presently investigating. This information is by no means complete, but should serve as a starting point for you to educate yourself on the road to recovery.

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are caused by industrial accidents such as the following: Chemical leaks, fires, explosions, forklift accidents, construction site accidents, motor vehicle accidents, equipment accidents, and building collapses. Explosions can be triggered when there is poor containment and management of hazardous materials. Fires can result from electrical malfunctions, combustion of flammable substances and chemical particles, as well as gas and oil explosions. Collapse accidents can involve disintegration of construction canopies and trenches that have been dug for excavation, collapse of unstable roofing structures inside buildings under construction, or during demolition.

Compensation Claims

If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job, there are several different routes that you could take to fight for a just amount of compensation. This could mean anything from pursuing a maritime claim to filing a product liability claim, workers’ compensation claim, or even one involving a wrongful death. At our firm, we are well-versed in all types of personal injury claims and will do everything possible to help you fight for your just outcome.

Construction Accidents

Industrial construction sites are full of hazards that can severely injure or kill workers. There are serious risks of industrial accidents involving falls from scaffolding and ladders, collapse of construction frameworks and trenches, injuries due to falling debris, and dangers from defective tools and construction equipment, including: Pulleys, conveyors, hoists, etc.

Health & Safety

Employers have a responsibility to their employees to ensure that the workplace is as safe an environment as possible. This means not just seeking to prevent accidents, but to create a situation that is best suited towards promoting the safety and well-being of all workers.

Industrial Accidents

Due to the nature of industrial facilities, accidents are no rarity. This, however, does not mean that they should be blindly accepted. If you have recently been injured in an accident and have been left with catastrophic injuries, you deserve to be fully compensated. Regardless of whether the injury stemmed from an exposure to toxic chemicals, or even a construction accident – you can be confident knowing that our firm will be there to protect you.

Chemical Exposure

The construction, building materials and plastics industries involve the use of chemicals or the release of byproducts that can adversely impact workers’ health. Exposure to chemicals in the workplace can be either through skin penetration or inhalation of gases and vapors. Workers at petrochemical plants may be exposed to benzene: A colorless, odorless liquid, which has been linked to blood disorders, including various forms of leukemia and anemia. They might also endure exposure to asbestos, which was widely used in the construction industry a few decades ago, leaving thousands of workers battling mesothelioma (a hardening of the lining of the lungs) and other serious – and sometimes fatal – lung diseases.

Employee Safety Resources

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates and puts safety regulations in place, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) partners with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prevent sickness in job environments.