What is a Permanent Injury and Why is it Important?

So, what is a permanent injury and how does it affect your personal injury case? A permanent injury is something determined by a medical doctor, you know when you’re hurting you don’t get better from it, that’s a permanent injury. But actually, in a personal injury case, it comes down to the testimony of your doctors, and understand the other side of a medical doctor to work against you to say that you don’t have a permanent injury. They’re going to want to say that your injury is something old because of your age or it’s caused by something after the accident if you have another fall or accident but a permanent injury is the basis for you to get certain measures of damages. If you don’t have a permanent injury declared by a medical doctor, then you won’t be able to get all of your damages in your settlement it’s important to talk to your personal injury lawyer early get to the doctors who can give you the best medical care and treatment out there and assess your permanent injuries if you have one.


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