Pedestrian Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe While Walking in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is the second most dangerous city in the United States for pedestrians. While the city is making efforts to improve pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, pedestrians must take matters into their hands. As a pedestrian, you have the power to help reduce your risk of being injured while walking in Fort Lauderdale. To stay safe walking to work or just taking a stroll around your neighborhood, follow these pedestrian safety tips.

Five Pedestrian Safety Tips

A pedestrian accident can occur even in broad daylight with crosswalks and other pedestrian safety features. Inattention of both pedestrian and driver is often to blame for these accidents.

1) Walk Distraction Free

It might be tempting to listen to music with headphones on or send that last email while walking from your car to The Gallery at Beach Place, but that extra noise can prevent you from hearing nearby traffic and that email can keep you from seeing it.

Pedestrians who walk without distraction are safer, as they can react to hazards quicker than walkers with their faces buried in their cell phones.

2) Make Sure You Are Visible

Visibility is an important safety feature for pedestrians. Most drivers are watching to avoid vehicle-sized hazards and sometimes miss a human who steps into their path.

In addition, drivers may not be able to see pedestrians at night due to dim lighting conditions. You can improve your safety by walking in well-lit areas and wearing light-colored clothing while carrying a light or reflector.

3) Pay Attention to Inclement Weather

Florida’s wild summer weather can also play a role in pedestrian dangers. During our sudden, heavy summer rains, pedestrians may unsafely run for cover and into the path of oncoming traffic. Likewise, drivers have a harder time seeing pedestrians in a whiteout and might not be able to stop as quickly due to wet roads.

4) Obey Traffic Signals

Pedestrian safety signals and crosswalks are there for your safety; use them at all times. Busy streets like Las Olas Boulevard are common scenes for pedestrian accidents due to walkable features and a limited amount of crosswalks. While Las Olas has LED crosswalk lighting systems to help drivers see pedestrians, never step into traffic without looking and making sure the driver will stop.

In addition, only walk when you have a solid signal or flashing countdown.

5) Know Your Limits

Finally, you need to know your limits. Know how long it takes you to cross an intersection and determine whether you will have the walk signal long enough to make it to the other side of the street. Avoid walking when drunk or fatigued, as both conditions can reduce your reaction time.

Know Where to go After a Pedestrian Accident

Even the most careful, vigilant pedestrians can be involved in a pedestrian accident. The Coffey McPharlin attorneys know the ins and outs of Florida personal injury and insurance law and can help you get you the settlement you deserve.

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