Todd McPharlin, Esq.

For the past 22 years, Todd McPharlin has represented the little guy in claims against corporate giants and insurance companies. His tenacity and skill levels the playing field against these large companies, and provides experienced legal services for people where losing is not an option.

For over a decade, Todd focused his practice on product liability cases, representing victims injured by cigarettes against the tobacco industry. Tobacco and cigarettes have ravaged generations of Americans, intentionally addicting them to a product designed to make it nearly impossible to quit and causing the customer to ultimately die of cancer, respiratory illness or heart attack. Todd is taking this industry giant to court and has consistently come out victorious for his clients.

Todd has also handled transportation for decades. In that role, he has helped the victims of 18 wheeler wrecks, car accidents, and drunk driving accidents to put the pieces of their lives back together. These victories have helped his clients get closure after significant injury a wrongful death. He prepares each case as if it were a case for a family member and it shows in presentation to a jury. The results these obtained are exceptional.

Todd is considered one of the “go-to” lawyers for civil trial law in the entire state of Florida, and beyond. Many other personal injury attorneys refer their cases to Todd because they know the kind of results that he has obtained.

Todd is a native Floridian and father of two adult children. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale, attending Saint Thomas Aquinas for high school, before attending Auburn University for undergraduate and law school. In his personal time Todd devotes himself to triathlons, yoga and spending time with his family.