Aaron Rothenberg, Esq.

Aaron Rothenberg has deep ties to the South Florida community. He was born and raised in Miami, where he was raised through the public school system. Through this, he acquired a diverse education and enjoyed a vast amount of varying experiences thanks to the melting pot of cultures and peoples that make up the Miami community. He dedicates his law practice to assisting those injured through no fault of their own, no matter the person’s background, circumstance, or social standing. He particularly enjoys extracting the maximum value out of cases through unconventional and creative means, oftentimes when other attorneys will have rejected those cases.

Aaron’s father was a judge in Miami-Dade County for over 30 years. His mother was a public defender for the same amount of time. Through them, he learned the importance to project kindness and compassion while dedicating himself to those in need. From 2019-2020, he was the Chair of the Ghost Light Society, the young professional charity organization under the Broward Performing Arts Foundation, which raises money to send thousands of children at Title 1 schools to arts-in-education programs at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. During his chairmanship, the organization set a record for fundraising.

Aaron attended undergraduate school at the University of Florida and considers Gator football his religion. His studies focused on Spanish and Portuguese Literature and Language. During this time, he lived and studied in Spain. He attended law school at the University of Miami, where he focused on public interest work and received a book award in International Law. He lives in Fort Lauderdale with his wife Alexis, daughter Victoria, and bunny rabbit Thor. He enjoys swimming on the Fort Lauderdale Masters Team, cruising around town on his bike, and spending time with his extended family.