Mark R. v. Tow Truck Company

When Mr. R’s Nissan Forerunner was stuck in the muck after some heavy rains, he called a local tow truck company to help get the vehicle out. Unfortunately, the driver told Mr. R to get into the Forerunner and steer while he pulled him out with a winch. The jerking motion caused similar forces to a major rear-end collision. Mr. R suffered damage to his cervical spine – including disc and ligament injuries – which required a cervical fusion surgery to address.

Mr. R. hired Dennis Phillips to represent him because the tow truck company originally denied liability, but this injury was foreseeable and easily preventable as Mr. R didn’t want to be in the vehicle when it was being jerked out of the muck – but the tow truck driver insisted.
The claim eventually settled pre-suit for $220,000, and Mr. R was able to move from his rural home, where he parked in the yard, and buy a little home by the beach in New Port Richie where he lives with his wife and their dog.