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Often, when new drugs are released on the market, it brings about great interest, but this wasn’t the case for Truvada in 2004. This drug was released with the intention of protecting people from getting the HIV virus and also as a treatment option for adults who were diagnosed as HIV-positive but were already receiving other treatment. Truvada for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) was designed to help people who had a high risk of contracting the HIV virus.

The drug did serve its purpose for some people. However, overall, the risks of taking this drug have far outweighed its rewards. In fact, since it was released Gilead Sciences Inc., Truvada’s manufacturing company, has been the recipient of numerous Truvada lawsuits.

If you used Truvada, we think you may have a case.

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The common side-effects of Truvada

These are listed below

  • urine with a dark color;
  • stools that are light-colored;
  • nausea;
  • stomach ache;
  • appetite loss.

More serious side-effects of Truvada

Patients who were taking Truvada regularly were told to get help from their healthcare professional if they experienced any symptoms. Unfortunately, along with what appeared to be these less severe side effects were some more serious adverse effects due to the use of Truvada. One of the worst is called lactic acidosis which takes place when there’s an excess accumulation of lactic acid in the blood. This health problem can cause muscle pain, weakness and a dizzy feeling. It could also cause the feet and hands to feel the cold and even turn blue.

Truvada can weaken the role of the kidneys, leading eventually to kidney failure that can be fatal. Kidney conditions could also lead on to bone problems, such as fractures, pain and weakness. If someone experiences low bone density, this could make it easier for bone breakages to occur.

Who is eligible to file a lawsuit against the use of Truvada?

Anybody who has suffered harmful side effects from using Truvada may be eligible to file a claim against Gilead Sciences Inc., the manufacturer of Truvada. This isn’t just for the more minor side-effects like nausea or bouts of dizziness but for the more serious outcomes such as kidney disease, lactic acidosis and bone damage. Some of these conditions can become life-threatening and can attract huge medical bills while the victim is being treated. When someone files a lawsuit and wins a settlement it is typically because the company marketing the product didn’t warn potential recipients of the likely side-effects so the victims suffered needlessly because they weren’t warned in the first place. If you are in this situation and you have had to pay unexpected medical bills for a medical condition caused by your use of Truvada, you should contact an attorney who will decide if you have a good case to file and win a lawsuit against Truvada’s manufacturer, Gilead Sciences Inc. You mustn’t feel intimidated because a large company has let you down. Victims throughout the country are just beginning to hold Gilead accountable for the manufacturing of a defective drug and it is your right to be compensated in the same way as everyone else.

What is a class action lawsuit?

Being involved as part of a class action lawsuit against Gilead Sciences Inc. won’t reap the same rewards as a settlement reached as an individual with an attorney’s help. You won’t even get enough reward to cover all your financial hardship due to the negligent actions of a single company. If you have suffered more than anyone else from taking Truvada, you deserve more compensation so you should ignore the class action and file a lawsuit as an individual. Most of the claims filed against Gilead and Truvada will be dealt with case-by-case.

What can you expect from a settlement?

Gilead has had thousands of claims filed against it so it takes some time to reach a decision about a single claim. In this situation courts are most likely to consolidate the different lawsuits into a multidistrict litigation (MDL). When this happens the victims need to find sufficient evidence to present to the court. You may even have eye witnesses who are prepared to vouch that your medical condition is due to your use of Truvada. The doctor treating you can provide an up-to-date medical report with a current diagnosis and your likely outcome in the future as well as the treatment you are currently receiving. If you win a claim against Gilead Inc. you should get compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.