Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Signs and Symptoms

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Carbon Monoxide Housethe victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. When we handle such cases at Coffey McPharlin, we obtain experts in the medical field to investigate claims of carbon monoxide poisoning in order to help our clients in recovering from its devastating effects. This post is intended to make you aware of some of the dangers posed by carbon monoxide to you and your family.

First, most carbon monoxide poisoning is preventable. In addition to a smoke detector, you should always have a carbon monoxide tester in your home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless killer that can invade your home through heating and cooling systems, such as a central air conditioning unit, a pool heater, or even from a car left running in the garage. Testing devices are available at nearly all local hardware stores for a nominal price. We encourage you to purchase one today. If you already have a carbon monoxide poisoning detector, make sure that you test the appliance regularly and replace the batteries twice a year.

Carbon monoxide is one of the most toxic substances that you are likely to come in contact with in your everyday life. The places in which you encounter carbon monoxide are more numerous and are closer to you than you might think. For example, carbon monoxide poisoning can take place in schools, homes, work, garage, car, boats, pools, hotels, and certain recreational facilities. There are many injuries and fatalities every year from carbon monoxide poisoning, and it does not take much carbon monoxide to cause major problems over the course of time.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:

Carbon monoxide poisoning ranges from mild to severe cases. Persons that work in enclosed, non-properly ventilated areas, such as garages, can suffer the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning without even realizing it. Mild chronic carbon monoxide poisoning caused by electric generators, pool heaters, or small engines – such as boat engines – can cause sickness that is sometimes mistaken for the flu or a viral infection. A routine blood test can often definitively confirm the presence of carbon monoxide in the blood versus viral infection. Mild poisoning causes poor coordination, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and drowsiness. Most people recover from a mild case rather quickly when they receive fresh air.

On the other hand, victims of severe carbon monoxide poisoning must be rescued, as they often cannot move themselves. Sadly, most severe cases end in fatality. Severe carbon monoxide poisoning can result in shortness of breath, confusion, unconsciousness, chest pain, coma, brain injury, and even death. Carbon monoxide poisoning causes the victim to suffer from asphyxiation as their cardiopulmonary system is overwhelmed with the poisonous carbon monoxide gas replacing the oxygen in the lungs and bloodstream. The effects of carbon monoxide poisoning can be seen on an MRI of the brain, causing organic damage to nerves cells. Often times – usually weeks after exposure to carbon monoxide – symptoms such as memory problems, coordination problems, and uncontrollable loss of urine may develop. Neuropsychologists are sometimes consulted to address these issues since they may be signs of brain injury.

If you or a family member have suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning and believe that you have sustained a permanent injury, it is imperative that you get early, frequent medical attention from professionals to address these problems.

Coffey McPharlin investigates and prosecutes cases involving carbon monoxide poisoning due to architectural defects, product liability (such as cars involving keyless start systems), pool heaters, improperly ducted heating and cooling systems (involving residential properties), and large commercial buildings, as well as carbon monoxide poisoning caused by exhaust systems on houseboats, pleasure boats, and ski boats.

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