Sam Coffey Published in the Sun Sentinel, “Patience key as we await COVID-19 vaccine”

As the COVID-19 health care crisis continues to ravage our communities, many are anxiously awaiting the day when a vaccine is developed to eradicate this illness.

And while these are valid and important hopes, it’s important that we take a patient approach and not let our emotions overtake rational thought and important scientific research. Over the course of history, we have seen vaccines wipe out these illnesses. The polio vaccine was one of the most successful, saving the lives of millions.

But as personal injury attorneys, we have seen several situations that have led to unforeseen injuries and illnesses following the premature release of vaccines and medications. That is why we caution our political leaders, pharmaceutical executives, and, most important, the general public to be patient and to not accept incomplete research resulting in the irresponsible introduction of these vaccines.

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